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For a one-time investment of only ($47) $27, add this set of three live, real-time, audio recordings of a Day One, Day Two & End of Corrective Care Review visit with Dr. Jamie Richards.

This includes commentary from Jamie, breaking down important highlights from these three vital Retention Based Practice foundations.


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The Chiropractic Sales Playbook™

The Chiropractic Sales Playbook is divided into 3 sections:

1. Chiropractic Sales Mindset 

In section one you'll get the insider's scoop on selling. It's just about everything you need to know to lay the groundwork for accumulating yeses in your business. 

This includes the cost of your failure, why you're struggling, the morality of selling, the price myth, how to handle confrontation, and many other fundamental principles necessary for future success. 

2. Chiropractic Sales Playbook

Knowing what approach to use in any given situation starts with having a comprehensive set of strategies available at your disposal. 

Section two is all access to The Chiropractic Sales Playbook. Your playbook will give you endless "plays" to call and leverage in every day practice and  reduce the stress of handling the most challenging situations.  

3. Chiropractic Sales Training

Section three is time to train!

What "plays" are best to strengthen your agreement at the end of Day 2? What audibles can you call when a patient wants to drop out of care? The kids still aren't coming in for care...know exactly what "plays" will move the parents to schedule an appointment. 

8+ Hours Of Amazing Video Content

  • Audio Recordings Of Each Presentation
  • Implementation Workbook
  • Mentorship Training From Top Coaches

What People Are Saying:

Great learning experience, loved all the speakers, very realistic approach.

The content is highly relevant and clear. Action steps are easy to implement as soon as we get back to the office.

I’ve never been to another seminar where I was able to take such applicable informational action steps back to use in my practice.

This was by far the most comprehensive, “meaty”, detailed and unique approach to sales training I’ve ever experienced in 17 years in Chiropractic. This seminar way over-delivered!