The Complete Core Curriculum™

Is your dream to build a retention-based chiropractic practice?

A practice where people are excited about their chiropractic care, happy to tell others about their experience and choose to stay for a lifetime because they truly understand the benefit of your unique approach?

If that's truly what you want, then it's paramount that you create a learning-rich experience that leverages technology as part of a multi-layered educational approach. 

Introducing The Complete Core Curriculum™:

  • What To Send
  • When To Send It 
  • Forecasting Content
  • New Patient Orientation
  • CRM Basics
  • Advanced Strategies


Every Single Email In Downloadable Form!!!



What People Are Saying:

"Having a clear communication strategy and delivery system that aligns perfectly with what patients NEED to know at each phase of care is without question a total practice changer!"

Dr. Craig Hazel

$497.00 USD


Never before released...

For a one-time investment of only ($97) $33, add this set of two live, real-time, audio recordings of a Day One, Day Two & End of Corrective Care Review visit with Dr. Jamie Richards.

This includes commentary from Jamie, breaking down important highlights from these three vital Retention Based Practice foundations.

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