#143 How to Handle Patient Drop Outs

When I started my practice, I was 1000% convinced I would never lose a patient.

Call me naive, many have before...

I assumed if I simply taught them "what I knew, they would do what I do."

Every other Chiropractor had it wrong.

I had it right.

Until it happened to me.

Which, by the way, took approximately 5 days into my practice life.

On today's episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, Kreso and I take another break from Training Camp to discuss our once utopian views of practice and how we now handle the reality without letting it minimize our impact or happiness.

What we covered

  • Ready for a reality check? Take a look at all of your inactive files? What the heck happened to those people?
  • The mantra I repeat to help me let go of the need to control what people choose and to make it about me.
  • What systems should you have in place to help manage the experience of patients discontinuing? Yes, don't just leave it to chance!
  • How prequalification not only protects you, but also protects the patient.
  • A general communication framework that you can use in practice when someone requests to discontinue their care.