#141 5 Things Patients Must Believe Before Saying Yes

When a patient says no to our recommendations, we assume it's always something we said or didn't say, something we did or didn't do.

That is the case sometimes, but far too often much of the information we could add to aid the decision making process gets overlooked.

There's an entire hierarchy of needs at work inside the patient's mind and most often completely unknown to the patient themselves.

If we know and understand what the patient needs, we can tailor our information, environment and efforts to ensure these "beliefs" are covered during our interactions.

The end result...

More yeses.

Happier patients.

Better outcomes.

On today's episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors I share "The 5 Things Patients Must Believe Before Saying Yes."

What I Covered

  • Why these beliefs are so important to setting the stage for a yes.
  • Belief One - Do they know they have a problem.
  • Belief Two - Are they seeking a solution.
  • Belief Three - Is help possible?
  • Belief Four - Can we help?
  • Belief Five - Can they do it?
  • Bonus: The one situation where all 5 beliefs are addressed and the answer is still no.