#146 How To Leap & Make Tough Choices With Dr. Laurence Tham

Life By Design For Chiropractors is back!

It'll be worth the wait.

On today's episode we relaunch with a new segment called "Convos with Chiros".

I sit down, virtually, with Laurence Tham from Drive Your Practice.

Laurence and I were each others first...

First Chiropractic adjustment that is.

And we've had a friendship ever since that time.

Both Laurence and I have made plenty of "leaps" in our lifetime and we discuss the mechanics, the nuances and upsides of taking chances in practice and life.

What we covered:

- How the power of experience translates into copywriting and audience building.

- When failure is fantastic and how to do well!

- Most people only see the leap and miss the steps leading up to the big jump. What goes on behind the scenes, what considerations go into tough choices and where can you get started if it's all new to you.