#147 Why Chiropractors Should Write A Book?

Many years back, I'd thought about writing a book.

I had plenty of ideas, what I considered enough motivation and the desire to get 'er done.

That was until I found out the "actual" time and energy it was going to take.

Years later, I consulted with a firm who it appeared would be my saving grace and the book would finally become a reality...

Until I saw the 30-50K price tag.


Although I could see possible value on a global scale, the benefit to a local practicing Doc just didn't measure up.

Recently, I was sent a book to review by an old classmate from CMCC, Dr. Scott Vatcher.

Scott's book had made as a Best Seller in 7 Amazon categories!

My interest was piqued again.

How did he do it?

Could he help me?

It only made sense to bring him on to the podcast and find out for myself and our listeners.

What we covered:

  • Why would a Chiropractor write a book?
  • How much time and energy will it take from start to finish?
  • Once the book is complete, then what? How can we leverage it for our advantage?
  • What is Authority Marketing and how does is benefit a local, small business owner, like a Chiropractor?