The Ultimate Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint™

Dear Chiropractor,

Let's just cut to the chase shall we?

I know what you want... 

You want to focus on what you do best... you want to check and adjust people.

You want to show up to your busy practice where you see tons of kids, families, and people who absolutely love and appreciate what you do. 

You want your day sheet to be full. 

You want to see a constant flow of new patients who (and this is big one) seem like they're the perfect fit for your practice. (Wouldn't it be amazing if no one every said 'no' to your care recommendations!?) 

You want to end each and every day with the satisfaction that hundreds of people came to see you, loved you and your service, and paid you the fee that you deserve. 

You want to leave your practice, go home to your family, and know that you are achieving the practice you always thought, in your heart of hearts, was possible. 

Basically, you want to live that vision that you've always had about how life as a chiropractior should be...

Am I right?!


Here is what you don't want to do, and unfortunately, are probably doing too much of right now...

You're sick of having so much of your hard earned cash going towards paying down your debt.

You DON'T want to screen at the mall, fair or tradeshow and beg for new patients. 

You're tired of 'trying Facebook', Twitter, and YouTube only to have only one or two people (mostly your staff) respond to your posts. 

You're tired of cold calling and trying to 'book' talks (especially since most company's do everything in-house these days.) 

You're tired of showing up for your day at the office hopeful, but leaving disappointed because you know that you are under-performing...

You know there should be more people on your day sheet and that you should be seeing more new people... but in all honesty, you're not really sure how to get them.

The internet  seems confusing and you've already bought a couple of 'marketing products' from 'online gurus' promising you tons and tons of 'new ones' with just a few 'simple' tricks. You did exactly what they said but the results never came...  

And you're tired of feeling this way... you think I'm just as smart or smarter than other chiropractors... why can't I make this work to the level that I want?


The thing I did that finally made my practice grow, and the first thing you need to do, is you need to learn how to market yourself and your practice.

Let me be even more specific...

You need a Marketing Plan.

To be perfectly honest... Chiropractors are the WORST marketers that I've seen... EVER.

There is no other business that does more to hurt and discredit their own product or service than Chiropractors... I know that might sound harsh, but it's 1000% true.

Let me give you the 3 things that you need to STOP doing right now... and if you just stopped doing these 3 things you would be further ahead than 97% of our profession and would be seeing more new patients as a result. So, listen up...

1. Do NOT Copy Other Chiropractor's Advertising

When someone promises you a quick marketing fix.... DON'T LISTEN.

I'm actually shocked how often other chiropractors try to copy what I write and the ads that I use... and you know what... IT WILL NEVER WORK FOR THEM.

The secret in the marketing is NOT in the ads... It's in the SYSTEM.

(Go ahead and read that last line again... I'll wait right here for you...)

There are no quick fixes in marketing, or in anything in life!

Why do you get this when it comes to your patients, but not for your marketing efforts?

One of the most valuable lessons in marketing is the value of integrity. That probably sounds shocking to you, since you were taught to think of marketers as sleazy greaseballs, but it's true.

If what you say in your marketing does NOT match what you say in person... which happens when you 'use' other people's stuff... you come across as a totally inauthentic bozo which raises the patient's B.S. meter and makes you look really bad.

Instead you must learn how to develop your own marketing voice.

You must learn how to communicate with your patients (and would be patients) in a voice that is you and only you. 

2. Stop Talking About Chiropractic - People Buy Results Not Services

Listen, I hate to tell you this but, nobody cares about Chiropractic.

And nobody cares about nociceptors, the prefrontal cortex, mechanoreceptors, your technique, or how many qualifications you have... 

You know what your patients do care about?

The result you can produce.

As my colleague Dr. Kreso said:

"They don't care about HOW (your philosophy, technique) you can help them, they care about WHAT (the problem, their burning desire, the thing that keeps them up at night)  you can help them with."

My point is simple - when you communicate with people in your community about what you do... explain it in a way that will actually excite them and motivate them to take action.

For example... there was a terrific study recently published about how Chiropractic care affects pain perception and the pre-frontal cortex...

Almost every chiropractor on social media wrote about Chiropractic and the prefrontal cortex...

Do you honestly think that the mom that lives next door to you with 2 jobs, 4 kids, a mortgage, and consumer debt really cares about the prefrontal cortex?


But, she does care that you can help her deal with her stress and help her sleep better, and help her child focus better at school. 

So why don't you tell her that?

3. Stop Acting Like A Used Car Salesman

Because that's exactly what you seem like to your prospective new patients when you offer your core and most valuable product (your care) for free, or for a super discounted rate.

Please understand that every single time you offer a discount on your care or your exam you are only making yourself look cheap and desperate. 

This does not help you... this only makes the person across from you think that you are full of crap and so is your service. The sign outside your office says doctor... so start marketing like one.

I can just hear you saying to yourself... "Yeah, but lots of those people who came in for a free exam have become some of my best patients." 

Yeah, I'm sure some of them do... 

Want to hear something that will likely blow your mind?

If you just would have stood your ground, charged them full fee, and been a better marketer... they would still be coming in to see you but...

They would have paid you full fee, valued what you do 10X more, and would have referred many more people to your practice.

Stop selling yourself short.

Marketing is all about making your product and service irresistible to the person you are talking to...

Your product, Chiropractic, IS amazing and it works... you don't have to discredit yourself to get people to see you.

Just make them want it.


There is so much more to learn, and so much more to talk about, and that is why I want to invite you inside The Ultimate Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint.

Inside this 9 Module Online Program you'll learn:

Why traditional marketing (the kind you are doing right now) has stunted your practice growth, and what you can do right now to start growing quickly. This is why screenings, and 'closing' your talks is NOT producing the results it used to. People are on to your sleazy tactics and if you don't change... your practice will suffer.

The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint. We will be sharing everything we do in our practices with you and (key point) how it all fits together. Another huge mistake you make is you do 'marketing events'. An event is a one off thing... either you get new patients of you don't. The best marketers don't do that. The best marketers run campaigns. In this course we will show you how to create your own.

The 4 marketing principles you must follow. Just like chiropractic is based on true principles that work... so is marketing. You probably don't know what those principles are... Picture how much more effective your marketing will be when once you start applyingthese tried tested and timeless principles to it.

How to find the perfect patient. Learn how to find and create people (yes marketing can actually help you CREATE your perfect patient) who want to hear what you have to say. No more tire kickers, no more "let me think about it", the biggest secret to getting more yesses is getting the right person across from you. 

How to create content (posts, emails, blogs) that your patients and prospective patients will actually care about. Imagine people who are actually excited to get your emails and social media posts from you. Imagine how cool it would be if when you did a seminar or talk in the office people wanted to show up and bring others. After completing this course you'll have a clear idea of what your patients, and would be patients, want and how to give it to them.

How to drive more people to your website and how to take them from a stranger who is just visiting your website for the first time to someone who calls your office to book a new patient appointment. This, in my opinion, is the biggest struggle you are having. You may even be pretty good at social media and may have even figured out how to put your posts in front of a lot of people ... but... why are they not making appointments and coming to see you? Why haven't they called? We can show you how to get them to call your office and make an appointment... without offering a free exam.

The power of the follow-up. Sorry this might sound harsh but I have to say it... you don't know how to properly use email in your practice. Sorry, not meaning to offend, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't trying to help you. I've sat down with far too many doctors that were not sending enough emails (you read that right), sending emails with not enough value and worse, are sending emails without a proper template and format. Let us teach you the rules to sending high-quality emails that will have a better chance of getting read, that your patients will look forward to receiving, and will help you convert more leads into new patients..

The new rules for referrals. I know you often wonder (especially when you  are lacking 'new ones' in any given month) why is no one referring? The reason no one is referring is because the rules to referring have changed. The old rules say: provide great service and your patients will talk about you. The problem with that is that every chiropractor, yes all 11 just down the street from your office, are already providing 'good service.' You need to be great, but not in an over the top, turn on their BS meter great. In a genuine 'I'm the best doctor you've ever seen great.' This talk will show you how to get great referrals in a 2017 market


I know you've invested in other Chiropractic 'marketing' programs in the past and I know they have promised you the world (and then some) without you having to do anything at all.

I'm not going to promise you that because that is unrealistic.

I do promise that  we will be able to shortcut your success and help you become an excellent marketer and communicator of Chiropractic... that I know.

However, it's not going to come without work.  

You might be sitting there right now telling yourself... this sounds great... but it can wait.

Please do me a favour and stop telling yourself that.

It really CAN'T wait. The doctor down the street from you is hungry and she is young. If you don't figure this out she will smirkingly take your new patients away from you. Technology is changing so fast, you must keep learning if you want to keep up... let us help you with the process.

If you are serious about competing in the new chiropractic market, if you are serious about growing your practice the right way, and if you are serious about actually becoming a marketer... then you need The Ultimate Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint.

Before I go I want to share one more story with you...

Do you remember BlockBuster Video?

I know you are thinking "What does that have to do with anything?"

Trust me I'm going somewhere with this... :-)

In 1990 the company was sold for 18.5 million dollars, by 1999 it was worth 18.4 BILLION dollars...

But... here is the more important question...

Where is blockbuster today?

The answer... nowhere... bankrupt... extinct.

Just how do you bankrupt a company worth 18, 000, 000, 000?

Easy... you FAIL to adapt. Netflix came along... learned what people wanted... and adapted.

Blockbuster laughed and thought they were too big and too popular to fail...

Well, who is laughing now?

So my final question to you is... who are you going be? 

Are you going to learn how to market like it's 2017 and adapt like Netflix?

Or are you going to think... "Well things are ok, I've been practicing for a while, I'm pretty successful..." that sounds like Blockbuster talk to me... and we all know how that ended.

See you in inside,
-Dr. Jamie
CEO, Life By Design
PS. No matter where you are right now in your career, whether you’re a Life By Design Certified Office or not, it's your time. Right now.

PPS. As always, we're ready to prove everything we claim. If this course does not live up to any the claims stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. 


Module 1: Why Traditional Chiropractic Marketing Has Stunted Your Practice Growth (And What To Do About It)
You've tried every marketing tactic known to chiropractors and still no steady stream of pre-qualified new patients exists.  Even worse, the word is now out and your reputation is stopping potential leads from exploring your services.  Learn what you're doing wrong and exactly what you need to do to fix it.
Module 2: The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint 

Has your marketing plan been nothing more than a series of mildly successful "one off" attempts to stimulate new clients?  All successful marketers know you must have a beautifully crafted strategy to guide your activities.  The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint is a comprehensive visual map making it possible for you to see how every part of your plan should fit together - you'll never run another disjointed campaign again. 

Module 3: The 6 Marketing Principles You Must Follow To Maximize Your Return on Investment (And Stop Wasting Your Money!)

It is next to impossible to have success in any area without having a clear understanding of the most fundamental abc's. Marketing is no exception. With these core precepts in place, you'll be able to grow and develop into a profitable marketing machine.  

Module 4: Start Speaking to People Who Care And Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy & Money On Those Who Don’t

Isn't it beyond frustrating to spend time, energy and money building the most amazing ad, copy and campaign only to find out no one cares? The quickest (and cheapest) solution is to know exactly who you are speaking to and what they want to hear.  When you figure this out... the game changes and so do your results.

Module 5: 3 Killer Ways To Reach More People With Your Message And Turn Naysayers Into Raving Fans

Now that you know who you are speaking to and what they actually care about, it's paramount you learn how to speak to them.  What are the best practices to create and deliver content that evokes interest, emotion and most importantly, action? 

Module 6: 6 Practical & Proven Tactics To Feed Your Practice With A Constant Flow Of New Prospects

Your best content, the investment in designing your brand, and your beautifully crafted message are all a complete waste of time if no one ever sees them. You need traffic... as much quality traffic as you can muster to get your material in front of the people who want to buy from you. Learn 6 ways to attract the new leads who will eventually become your paying clients. 

Module 7: The Gargantuan Mistake Most Chiropractors Make With Their Website And The 14 Steps Required To Turn It Into A New Patient Generating Machine

Every chiropractor loves a good website! One filled with propaganda about health, prescription drugs, and the wonderful world of chiropractic. The more important question is... does it work? Are people coming to your website and converting into new consultations or at minimum, new leads? Stop making this one mistake and start this step by step process to finally getting it right. 

Module 8: The Simple Inexpensive Secret (That Most Chiropractors Ignore) That Routinely Converts Leads Into New Patients 

How could something so simple, inexpensive and quick, with such potential for a massive return, be right under your nose? This is action step that every chiropractor can start tomorrow is so simple it offends the mind.  In fact, you'll kick yourself when you find out what it is and exactly how to perfect it. 

Module 9: 4 Practical And Proven Marketing Pillars That Will Attract At Least 3 Times More Ideal New Patients Than The Rest Of Your Marketing Combined

No question the world is going online and chiropractors must follow if we expect to grow and make an impact, but don't forget that your business still happens in real time, with real people. Be sure these 5 "old fashioned" strategies remain a staple in your marketing blueprint or you risk losing out on the clients and profit they will generate for you. 

BONUS: The "Never Deliver A Talk To An Empty Room Again" Workshop System


“Well Organized, Really Great People”

“I found the talks on the buying process and psychology particularly useful!”

“LBD is the best stuff going”

“All of it was useful, real and made sense! I have a book full of notes!”

“All my takeaways are amazing. This is a family that I am part of now and can’t say enough great things about.”

“Great information, No BS, Actionable, Great Advice and Tips for practice”

“Flow chart was BRILLIANT.  It was like lifting a veil off my eyes, so helpful.”

“It was fantastic.  Extremely helpful!  All of a sudden this black box which was online marketing seems to be opened up and accessible to me.”

"I want to tell others to come so that they can wake up  and start practicing modern chiropractic with modern communication.”

“Great people, great speakers, greatlearning experience."

“The best training event for Chiropractors.  Period.”

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“I loved learning how to be a marketer without being “salesy”.  The information I received was not biased you walk away with real actionable steps!”

“Awesome, focused content.  No useless info.”

“Just what I needed from a Chiropractic program for where my practice is at right now.”