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How To Create Long Lasting And Profitable Relationships With Your Practice  


The 8 Cardinal Keys to Stockpiling Ideal Clients


Dear Chiropractor,

I want you to know that I am there beside you everyday. I experience all the same elations and frustrations that you experience in practice.

You want to talk about irony...

Just this morning my office received a phone call from an amazing practice member who decided that they have had enough care and they were going to stop coming in...

Immediately all the thoughts went through my head:

What did I do wrong?

Was it because I was too gung-ho about chiropractic?

Did I push too hard?

Is my education curriculum not enough?

Did she like me enough?

What if I was more like Dr.____________, then she probably would have stayed, right?

...and so goes the mental game in my head every time someone leaves our practice.



Valuable Tip #1

Here is the first valuable piece of information that I want to share with you… that has taken me an epically long time to learn… (I think I unlearn it sometimes and then have to relearn it.)
People will leave your practice, no matter how good you are… in fact if you are the best chiropractor who ever walked on the face of the earth, people would still leave…
I want you for a brief moment to pause and think of your favourite business… For me, it’s easy… it’s Apple.
I love my iPhone, I love my Mac computers… I love everything about Apple.
What is it for you?
What is the one company that you love doing business with that always leaves you feeling great?
Now, think of all the people that have left them because they didn’t want to do business with them any longer.
Maybe they didn't like the operating system. Maybe they didn't like the fact that they had to update iTunes so often. Maybe they didn’t like that the new CEO has a different political opinion than Steve Jobs…
The point is this: Apple, by many standards, is the greatest company in the history of business… and they are constantly losing business.
If this is true for companies like Apple… why isn’t it true for you?
It is true for you… It’s true for every chiropractor.
Think of actually seeing 40 new patients in a month (some chiropractors say they see 200)... if you saw this many new patients consistently, and nobody ever, left your practice would be full in 6 months, but the truth is people leave all the time... and you aren't full.
Why am I telling you this?
I’m telling you about this because I know you beat yourself up when someone leaves… like I used to (and still do sometimes)… and you know what it does? It kills my certainty and self-esteem for the people I AM taking care of RIGHT NOW!!!
You get scared that you might say something that might make someone else leave… and it’s that FEAR, that lack of CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY that CRIPPLES your practice into STAGNATION.
People literally BUY your certainty and your confidence… and if you are NOT certain or confident you ARE in a world of hurt.
So please, do yourself and favour and no matter what happens work to keep your confidence and certainty high… chiropractic is the best health care product on the market!
First and foremost, please stop chasing the next new, shiny thing. I’m not sure why but chiropractors love the allure of ANYTHING NEW… The NEW patient, the NEW piece of technology, the NEW table, the NEW technique…
If this is you… please… I’m asking for the sake of your own practice success to STOP!!
The solution, which I have already alluded to is NOT SEXY at all, in fact there is nothing remotely NEW about it… it’s one of the oldest and most tried and tested ideas in ALL of business (every business.)
BUILD solid relationships on the IDEA of YOU BEING THE ABSOLUTE BEST at what you do, and THE ONLY PERSON able to do it.
Let me tell you exactly how this applies to you, and where most chiropractors (since we’ve worked with many) MAKE their LARGEST Mistakes...
Just because people WILL leave your practice DOES NOT mean that you have done everything in your power to compel them to STAY.
Since you are more concerned with the shiny NEW PATIENT you NEGLECT the people that are in your practice.
“Oh here comes Mary, she has been with me for 2 years… she’s NOT going anywhere. I’ll just keep focusing on getting more new patients.”
Meanwhile Mary deserves ALL of your attention and focus... she's the one who actually shows up and pays! And if you don’t treat her like a superstar she will leave…
So your first goal is to absolutely ensure, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are giving your current patients your absolute BEST!
Want to know how?
Well, let me share 7 more valuable tips with you…


Valuable Tip #2

Learn How to Think like your PATIENT.
This is one of the hardest retention lessons you can possibly learn… I mean how can you think like anyone other than yourself?
But you can’t lose sight of the fact that your patients are NOT you… they don’t go home thinking and dreaming about your office. They have their own concerns, their own dreams, their own visions and goals, just like you.
The best companies in the world have been able to get into the mind of their consumers and deliver something AMAZING.
Think of the last time you did business with your favourite company… how did you feel? How did they know you wanted that product so badly? How was the marketing presented?
They know how you think!


Are you doing that? Are you really addressing the concerns… not superficial concerns but the ACTUAL concerns that people are coming to you with?
Are you addressing their true burning desire? The thing they want so badly that they would do anything to have that need fulfilled? Do you even know how to find it?
I remember when I was early in practice I had a new patient with a shoulder problem and I spend an hour and a half talking to him about B.J Palmer and chiropractic philosophy… talk about NOT meeting his needs or expectations… looking back it’s pretty easy to see why he didn’t accept my recommendations for care.
Let me give you a tip… I know you love chiropractic, because i love chiropractic… but your community could care less about chiropractic, they only want the RESULT of chiropractic.
Can you deliver that?
Most chiropractors think this means fixing or treating their symptoms, but that could not be further from the truth!
Why would someone ONLY interested in having their symptoms treated come to see you, when an aspirin, or tylennol is much easier, cheaper and more effective in treating pain than you ever could be?
Chiropractors think that patients don’t want chiropractic… but they actually do… they want it explained to them in an elegant way. A way in which their brain can understand it... a way in which they can’t help but say yes.
And it doesn’t involve manipulation or force or fraud. In order for you to explain chiropractic in an exciting desirable way requires the exact opposite: honesty, congruency, and excellence!
Your community wants the best… is that you?


Valuable Tip # 3
What makes you different?
I want you to think about Starbucks for a second. I know that you have been… at least once.
Think of the experience? Did you like the fact that you went to order a medium coffee… only to be told it was called a Grande?
Did you like the fact that they call the people that make the coffee a Barista?
I bet at first it was annoying… but I bet now when you go to Starbucks you order Grandes from the Barista; not medium’s from the ‘guy’ or ‘girl’.
In this really subtle way Starbucks has created a proprietary process… something that makes them different and unique. And the best part is… YOU now PLAY along… you use Starbucks’ terms and you view them as unique.
What about your office?
What do you do that’s different? Do you manipulate like the guy down the street, or do you adjust?
Are you busy trying to blend in, or stand out?
What do you need to do so that people will talk about you in a way that their words convey that you ARE the absolute best on the planet?

What About The Other 5 Tips?


I hope these ideas are exciting to you and inspire you to look at your practice in a whole new way.
I know that when I first heard them they sounded cool and I had NO IDEA how to implement them.
And now that I've figured it out, I want to share what I've learned with you so you too can become the Starbukcs of your community.
This is exactly what Life Con '15 is focused on: RETENTION - how to create a LASTING and PROFITABLE relationship with your practice.
Once you understand the concept of retention, how it applies to your practice, and all of the BEST PRACTICES for achieving it… your practice will never be the same.
MORE people will STAY UNDER CARE, and refer others for the same reasons… LIFETIME CARE!
If your ambition is to rock an incredible practice, establish yourself as a leader, create a movement and make an even bigger impact on your community, then you need to understand the "8 Cardinal Keys To Stockpiling Ideal Patients" and that's exactly what we’re going to teach you.
See you on the other side,
--- Dr. Jamie
CEO, Life By Design®
PS. No matter where you are right now in your career, whether you’re a Life By Design Certified Office or not, it's your time. Right now.
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This 10 presentation experience has been captured on video and audio for easy playback and multiple viewings.


1. What Is Not The Problem With Your Practice

Every chiropractor believes solving this ONE single problem will be the solution to their practice struggles. The pursuit of finding an answer to this age old issue has plagued the profession for decades and finding new tactics to tackle it has left us disillusioned and distraught.

When you know what the problem is NOT, you can finally focus your attention on a solution that will deliver the lasting results you've been looking for.

2. The Certainty Factor
How can some chiropractors say the most ridiculous things and still create a massive following? Certainty. This one requirement accounts for over 80% of your practice success. Start not pass go.
3. Inside The Consumer's Mind
A pivotal concern for any marketer is learning to think like your market, not like a chiropractor. Learn to understand what your ideal client's value and will gladly pay you to experience.
4. Creating Your Proprietary Process
If you walk like a duck and look like a duck...everyone will assume you're a duck. How do you distinguish yourself from other chiropractors, health care providers, and solidify your brand in the process.
5. The Member Experience On Steroids
Beef up the return on your process with 30 easy to implement actions that exceed expectations and make your practice the talk of the town.
6. Setting The Stage For Practice Density
The foundation for long term relationships start early. These 6 strategies will ensure a concrete framework for retaining your hard earned new patients.
7. TIM™ Talks
These "Ten Inspirational Minutes" is always one of the weekends highlights. Watch as two doctors, and one 'doc to be' share their story, their passion and their vision all in less than 10 minutes. Who knows... maybe at Life Con '16 it will be you!
8. Everything They Need To Know To Choose Lifetime Care
A step by step guide to developing, organizing and distributing consumable content that will lead your patients to choose lifetime care.
9. From Agreements To Accountability
The key to achieving self responsible practice members who follow through, get great results and tell others is establishing strong and clear agreements every step of the way.
10. Rewarding Your VIPs
How do we make sure the people who make the largest investment in your practice receive the most value in return?


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