Life Con '14

How I Grew My Practice To 492 Visits Each Week On Only 11 New Patients A Month

Dear Fellow Chiropractor,

I want to share with you the most important step that I took in my practice to create Lifetime Patients. The kind, who once they come to your practice don't leave...

And the best part is that this strategy can be used no matter what type of practice you have...

I don't want you thinking you need to practice in a 'Life By Design' model to benefit from what I'm going to share with you.

Now before I get into it let me be clear there's no 'sales' tactic that can make someone a lifetime patient in your practice.

There is no miracle script, magic spell or mind manipulation.

So you can forget about me teaching you a slimy sales gimmick...

I want to share with you exactly what I did and how it transformed my practice by adding 162 visits a week in only 18 months (and I only had an average of 15 new patients a month!)


--- Dr. Jamie

Sorry, No Gimmicks

Now, before we get started I want you to understand that practice wasn't always easy for me...

It wasn't that long ago that I was 250,000 in debt and my practice was losing money every month.

To top it off I didn't really understand the importance of chiropractic and I had a very low value around that amazing service I was providing to my community... I was hardly getting paid any money... and practice was a massive struggle.

My lowest point came when I decided I was charging too much money for care and I thought the best remedy was to start practicing the 'box on the wall'... my own special version of it... I still remember the look of horror on Sharon's face when I asked her how much she wanted to pay me for her care...

I remember how frustrated and defeated I felt.

Thankfully, I realized the ONE thing that was holding me back was the ONE thing that is holding the whole profession back from being excellent, sought out and respected.... and that one thing is effective, clear, and congruent communication.

I realized I had NO idea how to communicate in a way that MADE SENSE to my patients.

I had no idea that if I just learned how to communicate effectively that people would actually want to buy chiropractic from me... and get this... pay full price!

The Secret Sauce

Now when I say communication, I mean my communication about absolutely every part of my practice...

Communication in my marketing, communication around the report of findings, communication around referrals, my table talk... communication around everything I was doing...

I learned that the most powerful COMMUNICATION strategy is FRAMING AND POSITIONING...

When someone asks me what I do... I NO longer say "I'm a chiropractor."

The problem with saying that is that people think they know what a chiropractor does... which means you just DIED a quick and painful death... and became NOT INTERESTING!

I learned that I had to frame myself as something else - "I'm a LIFE BY DESIGN chiropractor... Then they give me the look... and I can almost hear the thought process...

"Wait I know what a chiropractor is... but what is a Life By Design chiropractor?"... and guess what would happen? Because I'd created a new term in their mind they would ask..."What is that?" And an open conversation would follow.

I learned that communication on Visit 1 means SHUT UP and LISTEN.

It's amazing what happens when you just listen to people... and trust me those of you know me, know that I love to talk, but when you are quiet and listening (not just waiting for a pause to speak) you learn the little intricacies that make ALL the difference when you talk to them about chiropractic.

I learned that CURIOSITY is the emotion I wanted them to leave with on the first visit.

I also learned... painfully... that NOBODY really cares about chiropractic philosophy... at least not in the beginning.

I also learned that communication without a long term goal is not a good idea.

Where are you trying to move your patient... from where to where? It's funny but most chiropractors DON'T have a long term strategy for their patients... they just want them to come in forever...

Have you ever looked at it from their point of view?

WHY do they want to come to see you? What value are you offering them? Are they getting what you think you are giving them? How do you know?

IT was a painful experience to learn all this, but I'm sharing it with you to short cut your experience so it doesn't have to cost you $250,000, like it did me, to begin having fun and being profitable in your practice.

I obviously can't share everything I learned and implemented here on this page... but I do want to share with you right now the ONE communication strategy that totally transformed my practice...

In fact If I had to give you one strategy that totally blew up my practice, remember I grew 162 visits a week in 18 months it would be this...

The Dissection Method

I created something called 'The Dissection Method.'

I know it doesn't sound pretty but the results were incredible so I want you to pay attention...

Let's back track for a second... I know what you want... a lifetime patient who gets chiropractic... Someone who will get checked regularly for life and bring in their whole family...

When I was at my lowest I began to study and learn. I humbled myself and knew that things were not working so I started from scratch... I looked at the 'BEST' patients I had in my practice and I discovered something INCREDIBLE...

I was not their first chiropractor! In fact, for most of them I was their 3rd chiropractor...

Why is this important?

Because it means that they have heard the chiropractic story before, from someone else.

I realized that the massive mistake I was making (and that I bet you are making it too) is that I was trying to create a LIFETIME patient in only 2 brief interactions.

I HONESTLY thought that after Day 1 and Day 2 that people were ready to commit to lifetime care with their family... boy was I wrong!

They Stole My Baby

At the same time as this was going on in my practice something else happened... my 1st Apple computer was stolen!

The reason I tell you that it was my first is very important to this secret I'm sharing with you so please stay with me...

See buying my first apple computer was a MASSIVE undertaking.

I heard it would be incredible, but I wasn't sure... I did a ton of research... I asked everyone I knew if they were happy with their Apple, I was worried that my files wouldn't transfer properly, that I would have to learn to use ALL new programs, that it wouldn't be worth the investment, and that I would hate it...

But I made the plunge and it was awesome... I loved that computer! Over time, I totally forgot about my PC... and became an Apple lover... and even a follower...

Then it happened, stupid me left my prized possession in my (unlocked) car and it was stolen...

As devastated as I was I learned something very interesting:

Even though I loved that Apple I still had to think twice about buying Apple again... I had to re-evaluate that buying decision... I had to ask my friends again, and do a little more research... and then it hit me and my brain exploded...

If I was buying Apple LITTLE BY LITTLE; why wouldn't my community buy chiropractic the same way?!?!

That is why those people were my best patients... they already bought chiropractic at least once, now I was selling them a product that they wanted to buy, they knew the benefits and they knew what to expect... and... (THIS IS KEY BTW so please listen up) the more they bought chiropractic the easier it was for them to keep buying...

I immediately stopped trying to turn everyone into a lifetime patient on Day 1 and Day 2 and created what would later become the 'The Dissection Method.'

The Dissection Method is a strategy that delivers chiropractic care in small chunks to people, have them commit to that small step, and when that was over, I would present them with the next piece and have them recommit again.

The Hardest Sale

See you are making a huge mistake... when you sit down with someone for the first time and they 'buy' chiropractic from you... they are not a lifetime patient... yet... so stop treating them that way... work hard to continue to provide value to them, because the 2nd sale you're going to try and make is the HARDEST ONE!!!

I can't stress that enough..

In fact getting someone to start chiropractic is easy... they will never be more excited to begin... the FIRST recommitment is the HARDEST... all the excitement is gone, they have to recommit soley on one fact... DID YOU PROVIDE them with enough value?

If the answer is YES, then they will happily continue receiving care from you, if you didn't they won't see any reason to continue care.

It was this type of communication that I started to apply to all aspects of my chiropractic practice... with great success.

And then I started teaching the same strategies to other chiropractors at our annual Life Con event... and they too started experiencing the same results.

Everyone Is Welcome!

You DO NOT have to be a Life By Design chiropractor to benefit from this knowledge... we teach principles... principles apply to all types of practice... so even if you don't ever want to practice in a LBD model, you can still take away these principles and apply them with staggering success.

And for the first time ever...

We are making Life CON 2014 available for you via our ONLINE TRAINING COURSE.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Life Con '14

Every second to every presentation from Life Con 2014. The goal of the event was to apply congruent and effective communication techniques to EVERY aspect of your practice. You will learn how to communicate everything from Day 1, Day 2, and feedback cycles to your social media marketing in a way that makes you irresistible to your new leads and current patients.

The Life Con 14 workbook. This will help you get a total grasp on all the concepts presented at Life Con 14 and (this is key) apply it in a way that will make a massive impact in your practice.

Insight on how to create a vision for your practice. If you are trying to create a model like Life By Design on your own then you DON'T want to miss a word of Dr. Jamie's opening talk.

The latest innovations from Life By Design. The implementation of ideas is what shapes our future... and with Life Con 14 there is NO shortage of ELEGANT ideas that will EXCITE you to move forward and help grow your practice.

The mindset of how the most successful companies market applied to chiropractic: Why medical bashing is NOT the way to get credibility from your community. Most people actually like their doctor... telling your community that medicine is killing them is a great way to NEVER get that person under care in your practice.

The importance of story telling. The reason your community is not coming in to see you is because they don't trust you. This IS NOT your fault... but chiropractic is NOT looked at well by the general public. Learn how to POSITION yourself, by telling your story, in a way that will help you SHORT-CUT the path to trust and the roots to a lifetime relationship.
Learn to create YOUR story. You are on the hero's journey... Dr. Kresimir will take you through an exercise that will help extract that wonderful story that you have buried inside of you.

The basics of internet marking that actually work. Learn how to create an AUTOMATIC method for delivering NEW PATIENTS to your door. You create this ONCE and it keeps producing results.

How to market on social media. Learn the reason that most people are not successful social media marketers is because you DON'T focus on what your perspective client wants; you focus on YOUR wants. This simple mind frame change could completely transform how your market online.

How to communicate chiropractic in a simple effective way that will help the patient feel HEARD and confident that your office CAN HELP them.

One of the largest MISTAKES you are making in your marketing. Chiropractors are notorious for wanting to make every interaction about getting that person under lifetime care. What you have to realize is that Lifetime care... comes after a TON of value that you have CREATED. Most chiropractors have NO STRATEGY to continue to provide people with value. Life Con '14 will show how to KEEP growing relationships with patients... so you don't have to keep chasing NEW PATIENTS.

One of the ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENTS to a successful LIFE is having a long term VISION with long term GOALS that are written down. Do have a long term VISION and GOALS for your patients? If you don't how do you expect them to stay for life? Learn about the Life Time Care Map(TM) a vision for EVERY patient... that will help them stay with you for life.
What branding is and how it applies to your office. Branding is NOT awareness, it is MUCH more than that... Chiropractic offices are too small to rely on marketing and advertising tactics used by Mercedes and Apple. Learn how to brand yourself in an effective way that will leave your office UNIQUE to your community.

The 12 C's to have a rock solid day 1 and day 2.

The importance of TRAINING on your procedures; and creating a TRAINING CULTURE in your practice. Most chiropractors think that they don't have to spend anytime at becoming better at things in their practice. Look how many hours professional athletes spend mastering their skills... We have all heard that to become a master you have to spend 10,000 hours on a skills. This applies to EVERYTHING you do in practice.

That the real success of your practice will be your ability to create relationships with your patients. Most chiropractors are ONLY concerned with people who are STARTING care; your primary concern should be people STAYING under chiropractic care. One way people WILL STAY is if they see the VALUE in what you are doing. However most chiropractors don't know how to continue to provide value... or, even WHERE value comes from.

How to apply these ideas and steps into a logical sequence that you can start to plug-in to your practice immediately.

Still Not Sure?

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Life Con '14

Life Con '14 is a total immersion into communicating 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic with the Life By Design Communication Model.

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